John B Johnson: Building a Business, Creating Community

John B Johnson is the Identity Architect at a small studio, a design studio specializing in branding and design systems. Since its inception, John’s team has worked with over 30 different companies and generated over $300k in revenue. 

John and his wife moved to Seattle in 2017 charged with an entrepreneurial passion to create community and inspire entrepreneurs. 

John also started the 1 million cups Seattle chapter, a networking group that gives Seattle business professionals a space to learn, grow and share ideas. Through this work he intends to create a more inclusive city for newcomers.

Many people move to the city to take from its resources. John is one of the few who has moved here to serve it. But getting to a place of altruism and peace hasn't come without its challenges. John describes how his childhood, shaped him int the man he is today.

 Guest: John B. Johnson: Website, Instagram, Twitter

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Instagram, Twitter