Terry Rice: Seattle City Council Candidate for District 6

Hospitable Business Climate | Accountability to the Community

It seems in today’s divisive political environment, not many people have positive things to say about politicians. In episodes past we’ve had conversations about Seattle city council decisions that have left the city split. As we approach Seattle’s Primary Election‎ on August 6th and General Election‎: ‎November 5th, we wanted to give Seattleites a way to hear and get to know who they’re voting for.  For the next few months Tyler will be interviewing select City Council Candidates from each district.

Our first guest in this series is Terry Rice, a Seattle City Council Candidate for District 6. Terry’s describes himself as a practical progressive candidate. His upbringing with a single mom of 4 who worked multiple jobs and relied on government funded services to survive and eventually thrive has driven him run for office. His experience in travel and technology business has given him a skill to assess complex issues and problem solve using the best data.

He is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has lived his entire adult life here in Seattle.

Terry is running for office because he believes in maintaining a business climate that is hospitable to economic growth, while holding businesses accountable to the community.

Guest: Terry Rice: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Twitter, Instagram