Yusef Nadir: Seattle King County Realtors, Director at Large

Yusef Nadir moved to Seattle from the Big Island of Hawaii when he was in high school with his mother. As a single mother to 4 boys, Yusef s mom did everything in her power to ensure the best life for her kids. After graduating from the University of Washington, Yuesf went on to work in Property Management here in Seattle focussing on HOA management, large scale apartments and micro-units. After 10 years in the business he moved into residential real estate at RE Max NW Realtors in Northgate. Yusef now serves as a Director at Large for the Seattle King County Realtors Association and re-elected for 2020. Join the conversation as we discuss what it was like to grow up in Seattle, how the Seattle market has shifted in favor of buyers and how the National Association of Realtors is evolving towards a more moderate and inclusive position as millennial members become more involved.

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Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Instagram, Twitter