Wayne Heller: The Griswold Family of Halloween

Happy Halloween Seattle! On today’s episode, I sit down with biz-tech guru and Director of Program Management in Data Science and Analytics at Nordstrom, Wayne Heller. While Wayne has a lot to say about Seattle business world, this is no ordinary episode. And Wayne is no ordinary guest. For the past 10 years, his family has been the Clark Grizwald’s of Halloween in Wallingford. Each year, the family picks a theme and decorates their house with Hollywood worthy props. From a Willy Wonka theme with an actual chocolate river to a Stranger Things theme with electrical current patterns flowing through lights, the Heller’s have found a way to bond as a family and entertain all of Seattle at the same time. Sit back and enjoy this special spooky edition of the Rise Seattle podcast.

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Guest: Wayne Heler