Zach Wingfield, ZWING Films: Contributing a New Style to Seattle’s Car Culture

Zach Wingfield is a creative producer and visionary filmmaker based out of Seattle, WA. With over 42k YouTube subscribers to his channel ZwingFilms, Zach has built a platform that’s allowed him to work with some of the most prestigious car brands around the world. From filming a FERRARI crashing into a wall in Dubai to hosting the first ever Zwingrally from Seattle to Seaside, OR, Zach’s goal has always been to bring car enthusiasts together all over the world through his work. But building an authentic lifestyle car brand in Seattle from scratch doesn’t come without struggle. Sit back and enjoy my interview with Zach Wingfield as he shares stories from his world travels in the car industry and some of the most important lessons he’s learned from being an aspiring entrepreneur in Seattle.

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Guest: Zach Wingfield: Website, Instagram, YouTube

Watch the ZWINGFILMS E36 Build Series Vlog referenced in the interview.

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