Aswin Pranam: Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Startup Development in Seattle

Ever had an idea for a business but didn't know where to start to create it? Research shows that one of the key barriers to a successful and sustainable company is a lack of mentorship and camaraderie. On today's episode, Tyler talks with Aswin Pranam, Co-Director at the Founder Institute Seattle - the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator.

Join our conversation, as we discuss how the Founder Institute believes that you have the potential to make an impact on the world through entrepreneurship. Stick around to the very end to find out how you can apply for free to their accelerator fellowship using a special Rise Seattle promo code.

Topics Discussed:

  • How the Seattle startup scene is different from San Francisco

  • What makes a good founder

  • How you can apply to FI for free as a Rise Seattle Listener with promo code: RiseSeattle

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Guest: Aswin Pranam: Linkedin, Website