The BEST OF Season 1: Rise Seattle Podcast

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In this season finale of “Rise Seattle” podcast, we recap eight of our favorite moments from episodes throughout the first season. One of our biggest takeaways from being new podcast hosts has been receiving the opportunity to talk to so many interesting people and learn so many new things about they city we live in. From stories of survival to new perspectives on issues affecting Seattleites, each of these interviews encapsulate “Rise Seattle”’s mission and show the true depth of the ways people contribute to the community everyday. We have been truly honored to speak with those who have agreed to come on the podcast and are just as honored to share these moments with you again here.

1. Julie Lewis:

In Episode 2 of our podcast, Julie shared her story of surviving 32 years with HIV amid the stigma, fear, and lack of knowledge that abounded when she was infected and diagnosed with the disease between the mid-1980’s and the early 1990’s. She also discussed her founding of the 30/30 Project, which works to build hospitals in communities that are heavily afflicted with the HIV and AIDS viruses. Hear us recap her interview and discuss what we think makes her such an inspiration.


The 30/30 Project

2. Edward Sumner:

Edward gave us some astounding numbers to think about in his interview with us in Episode 4, where he discussed the prevalence of Seattle’s darker side of sex trafficking. We listen to the facts and figures once more and share what surprised us the most from what we learned (warning: this episode contains content that may be too disturbing for younger children to listen to).


REST: Real Escape from Sex Trafficking

3. Sarah Adler

Sarah shared tons of great info in her interview with us in Episode 5 and her desire to encourage all people into a healthy lifestyle is truly inspiring. But it’s her recipe for a healthy margarita that we just can’t seem to get over. We recap how to make it and why we love it.


Simply Real Health

4. Jeff Lilley:

In Episode 7, Jeff gave us a new way to look at the homelessness issue affecting Seattle today. He discussed relationships vs. resources and the rise in drug use in the city, shedding light on the fact that while many people have opinions on the homelessness issue, they don’t necessarily have all the facts. We recap Jeff’s comments and encourage our fans to go back and really “listen to learn” with this episode.


Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

5. Jill Killen:

Jill is a small business owner who shared an honest perspective on the new minimum wage increase with us in Episode 8. She discussed her hopes and fears for the future, as well as her plans to adjust to the increase and keep her businesses running. Listen in as we recall her comments and share our own thoughts on getting to hear from an employer who is not only directly dealing with the wage increase, but supporting it as well.


Suzie Burke Interview

Royal Drummer Cafe

Cloud City Coffee

El Diablo Coffee Co.

6. Marguerite Giguere:

We sat down with real estate agent Marguerite in Episode 9 to discuss the prevalence of people moving out of Seattle and into Tacoma. She described her own experiences with clients who moved to Tacoma and the responsibility realtors must take on when moving a client to a new city. We recap her interview here and voice our thoughts as fellow real estate agents on the information she gave us.


Windermere Real Estate (Tacoma Professional Partners)

Move to Tacoma (Website)

Move to Tacoma (Podcast)

7. Nathan Bowling:

The 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year, Nathan shared a wealth of information with us in his interview in Episode 11. Specifically, he talked about the issue of school funding in Washington state and taught us that we as a community cannot expect to have good schools if we are not invested in making them so. Hear a snippet from his interview, followed by our thoughts on what it means to invest in the future of Washington’s education systems.


2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year

The Nerd Farmer Podcast

8. Mayor Mike McGinn:

As mayor of Seattle from 2010-2013, Mike definitely had some opinions to share in Episode 13 in regards to the current Seattle Supersonics fiasco. He talked about the apparent abandonment of the SODO site and his belief that too often in government money follows power, not rationality. Listen as we recap his interview with us and share what others are doing now to help bring an NBA team back to Seattle.


Mike McGinn Twitter

Sonic Boom Day

Jeff Shulman Interview with Chris Hansen (Seattle Growth Podcast)

We hope you enjoyed listening to this first season of “Rise Seattle” as much as we enjoyed making it. This was a wonderful chance for us to meet some amazing people who are doing some amazing things and allow them to connect with us and share their unique stories.

We appreciate the support we have received thus far and hope it continues into season 2. If you would like to let us know your thoughts on this season and what we should discuss in season 2, please visit or our Facebook page and fill out a quick survey (there may even be some free swag in it for you!).

Don’t forget to also drop us a five-star review on iTunes and share your favorite episodes with your friends and family. Thank you for listening and we’ll see you soon.