#1.9 Marguerite Giguere: Are People Really Moving From Seattle to Tacoma?

Marguerite Giguere is a real estate agent and community advocate in Tacoma, WA.  She works with Windermere Professional Partners in Tacoma and has built a niche working with buyers who leave Seattle for the more affordable housing found in Tacoma.

For starters, you can follow her work at the following locations:

·      www.movetotacoma.com

·      www.getrealtacoma.com

Marguerite moved to Tacoma as the real estate boom of the mid-2000s was hitting its peak.  Tacoma was hit especially hard by the market crash and is still recovering today.  Because of this, rental housing and home values are extremely attractive to city-dwellers feeling priced out of Seattle.

If you have an affinity for a particular neighborhood in Seattle, Marguerite has a match for a similar vibe in Tacoma.  People attracted to urban life, art, culture and a innovative vibe can find all of this in the City of Destiny.

Marguerite is a major supporter of the recent Sound Transit proposal ST3. At the time of recording, ST3 was up for vote on November 8th.  Since this time, ST3 passed and our region will eventually have a comprehensive transportation solution in place.  Marguerite advocates for ST3 in part, because we can further connect already existing affordable housing in cities like Tacoma and Everett to the job center of Seattle.