Dr. Deborah J. Oyer, MD: The importance of birth control and access to abortions

Dr. Deborah J Oyer, MD is a Seattle based Doctor with 32 years of experience. She currently serves at the Cedar River Clinic specializing in Adult and  Family Medicine. Recently, Dr. Oyer was featured on the critically acclaimed documentary called Our Bodies Our Doctors, where she defends the importance of birth control and access to abortions. On today’s episode we get into this controversial topic and break down both sides. We also discuss how Seattle is leading the charge on women’s rights across the country. 

This is a difficult topic to discuss, so if you’re listening with you kids or are triggered by what we’re saying please turn this off and come back next week. Let's be brave and respectful together and approach this episode with curiosity and no judgement. 

Guest: Dr. Deb OyerMD: Instagram, Facebook, Website

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Instagram, Facebook, Website