Paul Peterman: COMPASS: The future of real estate

Paul Peterman (left), Tyler Davis Jones (right)

Paul Peterman (left), Tyler Davis Jones (right)

It’s the conversation we’re all having. Seattle is a tech city. Whether you like it or not technology is here to stay. And with it comes higher cost of living, beautiful new buildings and more people. 

On today’s episode Tyler sits down with Paul Peterman, the Regional President of Compass. Compass is a heavily funded real estate startup that recently made its mark on Amazon's SLU neighborhood by opening its tech center at 503 Westlake Ave N.

Paul has spent his career helping companies innovate and reach their full potential. From beginning his career with the Seattle Sonics to leading the Technology & Connectivity team at Facebook for over 8 years while helping them grow their Seattle presence. Paul has since taken the role of Regional President for Compass Washington to lead the mission of helping everyone find their place in the NW.

We talk about the Seattle technology culture and why Compass chose Seattle as it’s West Coast Engineering hub. Paul also shares a few stories of his time at Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and where he sees the future of the social media giant. 

(Full disclosure from Tyler): After 6 years at one of the biggest real estate brands in Washington state, I recently joined the Compass team to continue my real estate business. On this episode I share why I joined Compass and why I think it’s the future of real estate.

Guest: Paul Peterman: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter