GeekWire Co-Founder, Todd Bishop: Reporting on Seattle’s Rapid Rise into a Tech Metropolis

Todd Bishop is the co-founder and editor of GeekWire, the nationally recognized technology news site based right here in Seattle. GeekWire’s large audience consists of of loyal, tech-savvy readers around the globe, who follow the site for breaking news, expert analysis and unique insights into the technology industry.

Todd is a longtime technology journalist who has spent his career covering tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google. As a California native, Bishop moved to the Pacific Northwest in the early 2000s to start his journalism career at the Seattle P-I followed by the Puget Sound Business Journal. In 2011, Todd and his journalism colleague and co-founder, John Cook started GeekWire right at the start of Seattle’s recent tech boom.

But starting a technology news company from scratch isn’t always easy. Join the conversation with Todd as we discuss what it was like to take the leap of faith from a stable job with benefits to a start-up dream. We also discuss Seattle’s unprecedented tech ecosystem, Todd’s current favorite Seattle companies, and GeekWire’s unique and sustainable business model.

Guest: Todd Bishop: Website, Twitter, Facebook

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Facebook, Instagram