Tyler Gorsline: Winter Warmth Coat Drive 2019 | The Collective & A Seattle Church

Let’s face it Seattle. Our homelessness issue continues to grow everyday.  While there are many companies and organizations doing their part, I often wonder what tangible act I can do to make an impact on our homeless neighbors lives. Well today is our chance to make that difference.

On today’s episode, I sit down with my good friend and long-time Seattle homeless advocate, Tyler Gorsline. Tyler is the lead pastor at A Seattle Church. A church start up that’s focus is to serve the city of Seattle’s greatest needs. ASC has partnered with The Collective, a popular urban co-working space and social club on Dexter in downtown Seattle, to open the doors to hundreds of Seattle homeless, fix them a meal and give them a coat.

Listen in as we discuss unorthodox faith in a liberal city, and how you listener can make a tangible impact on those sleeping on our cold streets.

Host: Tyler Davis Jones: Website, Instagram, Twitter

Guest: Tyler Gorsline: Website, Instagram, Twitter