SniffSpot Founder, David Adams: Seattle's Daytime Airbnb for Dogs

It's no secret that Seattle loves dogs. With more dogs than children and fourteen off-leash dog parks, being a canine in the Emerald City is a pretty good gig. But while off-leash dog parks are a great service, not all dogs are friendly. There have been numerous cases in Seattle dog parks where pups have been dominated, bitten or in the worst case scenarios even killed by other aggressive dogs. These experiences have caused some in-city pet owners to steer clear of the off-leash park options. Sniffspot hopes to be the answer to this problem while also giving dog-loving property owners a way to make passive income. Join Tyler as he sits down with David Adams, Founder and CEO of Sniffspot to discuss how he wants Seattle to be the Airbnb for dogs. 

Host: Tyler Davis Jones - websiteTwitterInstagram

Guest: David Adams - website, Twitter, Instagram