Raven Crowfoot: What is it like to be homeless in Seattle?

“Everyone on the streets is someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter. If you don’t want your family member or your best friend to be there, don’t judge those who are there.”
— Raven Crowfoot, Samaritan Beacon Holder

After the interview, Raven picked up a guitar and this is what he played.

We see it everyday. The tents, the trash, the drugs. Everyday, we walk by people who are struggling, flying cardboard signs asking for money or food. Should we give? Say hi? Or just pass by? On one hand the heart wants to help a struggling neighbor. On the other, the mind wonders what the person will do with the money you gave them. 

Homelessness is a complicated issue. As Seattle rises our problems rise with it. It seems that every problem that’s solved, another one gets created. Recently, KOMO news released a documentary called "Seattle is Dying" which now has over 3.1 million views. Whether you liked it or not, it’s sparked a passionate and politically fueled debate where both sides are screaming at each other.

On today’s episode, we sit down with someone who is actually homeless. Raven Crowfoot moved to Seattle in 2003 to be with his mom. Little did he know, his mom had a severe drug addiction. In 2004 they were kicked out of their home and Raven has been living on the streets ever since.  We dive into what it’s like to be homeless, how difficult it is to get housing, how Seattle is considered a paradise for homeless folks and what it’s like to stay sober while living on the streets.

We also talk with Samaritan Co-Founder, Jason Keil. Samaritan is a Seattle based tech company that is using app technology to give homeless people dignity, respect and community while offering vital services in the moment of need. Read their impact here.


Guest: Raven Crowfoot: Download the Samaritan App to see his story.

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